new works

May 17, 2008
printed from 11:30 to 14:30, attended workshop, and printed again from 0:00 to 3:00.


recent photographic days

① Nikon Portfolio Review on May 3, 2008
The review started from 14:00 and the viewer was Mariko Takeuchi, one of juries of Nikon Salon, a famous photographic critic.
I just knew her a little from some journals related with photography, and knew her earning a good name and reputation.
So I was nervous a bit than usual.
However I really needed to show my works to somebody else except for my teacher, Mr. Nakamura.
I showed her 4 groups of photos such as 1) portraits, 2)scenery, 3)trip and 4)family.

1) You must have shot many people. But you are not satisfied with them, are you? You are a liitle reserved in front of them yet and couldn't get further into themselves somewhat. I can tell you really imposed on yourself, it can't be waste.
2) It's interesting. atomosphere something werid is good.
3) no comment especially...
4) Wow.... These are very strong, impressive.

Ms. Takeuchi told me to shoot more close person.Yeah...I knew, I really understood what she meant. I really enjoyed to shoot my close friends for this one year, but I noticed I do have person to shoot. I decided to shoot my parents more often and thought I should.

Every time I go home during my vacations, I felt they got aging from many aspects... I've not lived together with them more than 9 years. It's enough time to grow/age for both me and my parents.I gotta shoot them...

It was ironical a bit the photos she praised were of the oldest photos of my family, however, to be honest I was glad and relieved with that. Coz I can clearly say I took them with my heart and kind of impulse without any hesitation.

So...I thought my everything was seen by her at that time.
It was so exciting and scaring a bit.

“Photography is something scary.”

I recognized this again from my works at that time though I heard this so many times from others.
It's very very meaningful day for me....
I felt I could draw a line something inside me and could start again.

Hiromi Tsuchida × Hara Mikiko Talk show on May 9, 2008
I rushed into Gallery Tosei in Shinnakano after working to hear the talk show.
There were already more than 30 people sitting on the floor when I arrived in.
The show consists of color snap photos by Hara Mikiko.
What they talked about was various from her personal history and thoughts about photography to the relationship with her husband and three sons.
We, audience could see the slide show of her 100 photos past.
Honestly I thought they were more stronger than recent works like others said.
In the end of the talk show, she was encouraged to shoot her 3 sons by Mr. Tsuchida.

The phrase she said, “There is a new frame coming into existence after removing a frame”, was so impressive for me.


I think people photograph are always trying to shoot breaking out from their typical idea and composure, and they are thinking what is new about photography and what they can do with photography now.
It's a nice talk show!