Meet The Hayakawas

Day 1 ②:

A friend in Chiba, Mami and her small daughter picked us up in the bus station of arrival and we headed for a small store to participate in kind of rice cake making festival, because it was the spring equinox day according to the calendar.

We ate too much sweets right after we made rounding them.
And rice with red beans were soooo good!
Anyway we were so stuffed...

Minamibousou again

Day 1 ①:

I and a friend, Miyuki took a highway express bus from Tokyo sta. and visited our common friend living in Minamibousou, Chiba for the second time.

(The first time was here. And here.)


so cute...

on my way home

what a coincidence

I bumped into a friend in the film-related section of bic camera .
We did this more than three times in the past. Interesting.

Besides, we happened to have exposure meter of almost same type. Wow.


in Minamiasagaya

it was pretty good weather for a walk around my neighborhood.


back on truck finally

It had been quite a long time since i developed film last.
About three months...!
Now I'm getting better, but i still have a pain in my right shoulder when i stretch my arm above... :((
Anyway, I finally developed just 3 rolls of film i took last year...
I have to go back to b&w things again!

after the rain


moon nearly full

on my way home

Gelatin Silver, Love!

I went to SHABI in Ebisu to watch a movie i was looking forward to.
The movie was directed by a great, energetic, famous photographer, Kazumi Kurigami.
(Last year i was really touched to read his interview in free papers "GOLDEN MINUTES" distributed widely in Tokyo Metro stations for a while. At that time, the papers were so popular that they were gone soon after being put on the shelf every time. Especially I liked his remark about portrait photo in the article in the final issue.)
As for the movie..., honestly i thought i expected too much...but i liked.
It was quite simple with few lines by actors and actresses.
So I often felt like watching photography and visually enjoyed the texture.
My favorite city, very familiar places for me, Yokohama is featured several times in the movie.
And, needless to say, I liked the theme song "LOVE LILA" by Yosui Inoue, a great singer.


AMERICAN FHOTO Mar-Apr-09 issue

I've sometimes checked and read "AMERICAN PHOTO" on web since my friend in SF kindly told me about a digital-reading style and this magazine.
Once registered, the latest issue is being sent to me saying pick up every month. :)

This current issue features Annie Leibovitz, an interview with her, her portfolio and interviews with those collaborate with her.
(though i have not read through yet)

Now I want a real one...

(You can read her interview and more also here.)