In lunch time, my boss (, a patent attorney) talked to me with a big smile on his face.
It was about his "work".
I had been recently told he was making a new camera.

He made his newown camera!
It's made from of the parts (lens and filmpack) of Mamiya camera though, the box made of wood has inventive design (hahaha) and its details is pretty good!
Even the screw hole for tripod is given to the woodbox...!!
He's kind of a genius of handicraft or do-it-yourselfer, a good mechanic.
(He made a pinhole camera in April too.)
He looked very satisfied to see I was really excited with it.

What a cute boss...
What a cute camera...

i want him to make mine with low cost... hehehe


"Let's sell, Let's buy" Exhibition

I was asked out to an exhibition by a foto friend yesterday afternoon.
The exihibition was just what i wanted to go sometime in my free time, so i was willing to go to Meguro with her, i had a plan from the evening though.
We could arrived at "Gallery Cosmos" in 12 minutes from Meguro sta.

The project was quite simple.
Whoever wants to sell their own works can attend that. (The application was already closed.)
And everybody can get each photograph in 3,000 yen there if they like any of the photographs.
This time about 140 photographers has attended the project, and the visitors can look through their works in black files.

I thought the project itself was a great idea.
I didn't buy anything though...

By the way, I saw Mr. Herbie Yamaguchi there.

After I left Meguro, I went to International Forum in Yurakucho to enjoy Sigur Ros concert!(Ummm I went to concert much times this month... Being satisfied.)


"Gaijin Like Me"

September 30, 2008
I went to Nikon Salon to see John's show, “Gaijin Like Me”.
I like the text as well as the photographs.
I think usually too much text are not needed in exhibitions, however, this time the text is very good to express/support to be understood the feeling of the photographer as a foreigner living in Japan.
Some old Japanese or people who do not have any interest or relation with foreign culture/people might hardly understand though...
For people have sensitivity, interests and understanding of them, the show must be very interesting, i'm sure.

I'm a Japanese living in Japan, not a foreigner here this country.
But i think i'm able to understand the feeling deeply.
So far, when i'm with some foreign friends, i often feel someones eyes from around.(needless to say, i don't care though)
When being in train with them/him/her, i get such a good example.
And I've ever heard how they felt in Japan and I've heard some said like "I don't wanna get attention".
While, I've also watched the guys (i didn't know directly well) fluttered themselves (because they suddenly got attention from Japanese girls after coming to Japan.)

I think these happens only (or particularly?) in Japan.


Before, i've thought and discussed why these happen and found some reason...
ummm...i don't wanna say, maybe.

Get back to the subject...

So...I like the show from such a cultural point and many other aspects.

The awkward eye-COMMUNICATION between foreigners in Japan are very unique and interesting because I feel like witnessing kind of secret only between them.

Anyway, it's a wonderful exhibition with good concept, good text and of course many great photographs!! Indeed!

I'm so jealous...!

Stephen Shore in Esquire

so cute...
I saw a lot of posters hunging in Marunouchi-line on September 24th alone.

I couldn't help buying it.
He talked about his camera history, photo tendency and more in the interview.
I just wondered how the photographs taken by a mickey-faced camera looked.