"Gaijin Like Me"

September 30, 2008
I went to Nikon Salon to see John's show, “Gaijin Like Me”.
I like the text as well as the photographs.
I think usually too much text are not needed in exhibitions, however, this time the text is very good to express/support to be understood the feeling of the photographer as a foreigner living in Japan.
Some old Japanese or people who do not have any interest or relation with foreign culture/people might hardly understand though...
For people have sensitivity, interests and understanding of them, the show must be very interesting, i'm sure.

I'm a Japanese living in Japan, not a foreigner here this country.
But i think i'm able to understand the feeling deeply.
So far, when i'm with some foreign friends, i often feel someones eyes from around.(needless to say, i don't care though)
When being in train with them/him/her, i get such a good example.
And I've ever heard how they felt in Japan and I've heard some said like "I don't wanna get attention".
While, I've also watched the guys (i didn't know directly well) fluttered themselves (because they suddenly got attention from Japanese girls after coming to Japan.)

I think these happens only (or particularly?) in Japan.


Before, i've thought and discussed why these happen and found some reason...
ummm...i don't wanna say, maybe.

Get back to the subject...

So...I like the show from such a cultural point and many other aspects.

The awkward eye-COMMUNICATION between foreigners in Japan are very unique and interesting because I feel like witnessing kind of secret only between them.

Anyway, it's a wonderful exhibition with good concept, good text and of course many great photographs!! Indeed!

I'm so jealous...!

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