it was last day in nakamura darkroom.
i spent so many hours, thousands of hours printing here hor three years.

thanks for all people i met there...

big love,


on my way to my office from hostpital

there have been something wrong with my stomach for several days.
so i went to hospital.
then...i was diagnosed as having viral enteritis by a doctor......
according to her, it was induced by cold virus.
i have to take easy-to-digest food for a while...


in Minamiasagaya

i took a walk around my neighborhood as usual.


new mamiya six

i want it by this summer!
i have to save money...




good morning

This morning i woke up before 5 a.m.
After taking a shower, i even developed two rolls of film...


sakura sakura♪in Minamiasagaya

I was absent from work because i had a terrible headache as well as a sore throat and a stomachache.
But the weather was pretty good, i could not stop feeling about cherry blossom in full bloom outside while laying in my bed.
Eventually i was out for walking around my favorite riverside after 4 pm.

Spring, it's time to feel happiness as a Japanese here.
There are much pink color seen everywhere in Japan.