koku no sai/ koku no irodori

I went to epSITE Gallery to visit the show by Mr. Keiichi Ito i met last year through some people.
(It was first time to visit the gallery.)
The photographer shot natures in various regions in Japan mostly with Hasselblad using only b & w films and then output with the printer after he colored with Photoshop.
According to him, he colored with imagination! (Because..., needless to say, b&w films don't have colors... )
I've never seen such a new style in the show. Very challenging.
Honestly I liked them creating a fantastic atomosphere.
Throuh the work, I saw his calm personality and sincerity to the objects.


mother's vistit

She helped me who could not use right hand at all in my place.
I was barely able to shoot this with only left hand, my non-dominant hand... 



i went to Rat Hole with john in the cold rain.
"HOKKAIDO" by Daido Moriyama

awesome... i still like his old work, especially...  

Daido Hokkaido Dekkaido~~!!!

emiko san



Hello 2009!!!!!

I had an year-crossing party (11hrs!!) to spend with almost the same members, classmates in junior high days, as last time.
We drew the paper fortunes in the midnight.


I wish you a very happy year...!