three days in cold region

November 22 to 24:
I take a trip to Ishikawa Pref. with my friends, 5 ex-coworkers.
On only the second day, we had a rental car and extended our trip from Kanazawa in Ishikawa Pref. to Shirakawagou in Gifu Pref.

Through the three days, I felt anew it was difficult to shoot when I want, walking with friends who didn't photograph, but I had a wonderful time with them talking and laughing all the time.
I think I sometimes need to stand face to face with friends without a camera.
It's important to look and focus on the things in front of me directly not through the lenz at times.

By the way, I ate too much for three days... Umm.


on my way home

I went to Araki's show in Rat Hole.
It was......


Coyote No.33

Coyote is one of my favorite magazines with good text on good paper.
This current issue is about adventure.

A adventurer and photographer, Naoki Ishikawa writes about the camera he lost during his adventure in a hot-air balloon in 2004.
He and the captain failed the project to across the Pacific and were eventually saved by a cargo ship off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture after emergent landing on water.
Then, four years later, the cameras and other staff he lost were surprisingly discovered in a coast.
In the article, you can enjoy the story from discovery of them to approaches to develop the film inside the cameras.
It's interesting to read through.