I dropped in Konica Minolta Plaza on my way to the meeting place with my friend yesterday.

There were three shows in the gallery.
I like “Sight” among them.




Last Saturday I had a wedding ceremony and its party of my friend.
I used not only a digital compact camera also a film camera in the ceremony.

I felt somehow resistance from the knob of the camera when i tried to rewind the film.
Soon after that, I heard uncomfortable noise and felt suddenly the resistance was lightened...
Then I slightly opened, however I was sure the film would be exposed to light if i opened the lid of camera.


The film was not rewound at all, left and cut off from the patrone.

I closed the lid so quickly and couldn't open the lid any more after that.
Of course i couldn't shoot the party any more with the camera, coz I couldn't change the film...

That's why I was nervous when I started developing the film and another one last night.
However 6 shots of the film were gone, fortunately the rest of it was safe.

I was relieved a little...


Polarpid 600 film

Yesterday I cancelled my reservation of Nakamura's darkroom to purchase some gift items for my friend's wedding.

I was looking for Polaroid films for SX-70 to shoot the visitors would come to the wedding party and to present them to the couple.
But I couldn't find any.

I asked a staff in Shinjuku Yodobashi if there was any 600 films, he answered, “The maker stops selling the film now”.

What!? That's incredible!!

I had to change my Polaroid plan and suddenly decided to use “Cheki”, not SX-70.

Besides, I was asked to shoot around in another couples' wedding party next weekend.
So I bought 5 rolls of color negative film.
And I borrowed the strobe from a friend.

I felt sorts of pressure a little...


to keep

Yesterday I printed 2 contact sheets and 1 shot.

Disappointingly 2 portraits I tried to print to 8×10 were slightly out of focus or blurred.

Then I lost my concentration on printing and stopped to attend a Wednesday night class.

wooo... I must shoot more...

By the way, I got a catalogue of “New Cosmos of Photography 2007” by CANON from Mariko san.
I was glad because I had missed the exhibition in the end of 2007.

According to the criticism by professional photographers as Araki and Moriyama in the catalogue, the level of photography has been gradually risen, however, it's lack in overwhelming novelty.

Novelty always appears attractive.

I think we can say it in any field of Art.

We usually think of what is new about photography.

What can I do with photography?

What is that I could express only with photography?

Anyway, I think I'll keep shooting and searching for until when I'm vanished from this world.

a secret

Entitling to a photograph gives much meaning.

My favorite quotes:

“A photograph is a secret of a secret.
The more it tells you the less you know.”

-by Diane Arbus-


three-day weekend

14:30~16:30: I was in darkroom and finished prining just 2 shots.
17:00~19:00: Class/ I showed 3 photos. The following 2 photos of them were OK according to my teacher.
19:30~: clasmates drinking

I bought a One Day Ticket of Tokyo Metro in Nakano sta. , then got on the Tozai line.
I got off @ Kagurazaka sta. and took a walk for a while.
There were many slopes as its region name.
I snapped people walking up.
Then, i got on the Tozai line again to transfer to the Ginza line bound for Asakusa in Nihonbashi sta.
Even now it was still in oshougatu- mode in Asakusa.
There were so many people for new year's visit to Sensoji Temple.
Night: meeting up with John
We went to a cafe and a indian restaurant Nepalese worked.
I ordered a cheese nan and chicken curry.

I met with Ritsuno and chatted @ cafe.

I bought clothes and a long necklace on sale.
I could hardly photograph . . .



I printed yesterday.

First Miracle in 2008

There were so many miracles related to photography happened to me in 2007.

And now, first miracle has happened to me in this new year.
The prologue started in December, 2007.

One day, I was checking exhibition schedule to visit Konica Minolta Plaza to see Okada-san's exhibiton held there.
At the same time, i checked past and coming exhibitions and their photographers.
One of them, there was an American photographer.
I just happened to find his website and browse some photos.
I enjoyed the website, because there were many portraits.

I like both shooting and watching portraits.

That's why i wanted to say something to him and mailed him with only saying like “Your website is wonderful ”.

Then, next morning i found there was a portrait of my friend in his website!


I was so surprised.

According to her, she visited his exhibition, then was taken.
I felt the world of photography was connected well.

And that's not all...

Several weeks later from the day, yesterday, as I read his blog linked to his website and his your face, I got some strange feeling.
Because I felt he's a little bit familiar to me...

Once I shot someone, I usually remember his/her face.

Actually I had a clue.
So I checked my old contact sheet and found the SHOT of one spring day last night.

I was quite surprised.
I wondered if “the guy” was him.

I'm in Yushima at least twice a week.

It was Saturday in the middle of April, 2007.
When I was walking from Yushima with a camera, two foreign people were walking from the opposite direction (there is Ochanomizu sta.).
Then one of the guys tried to shoot me when we passed near Hijiri bridge, and I also shot the guy.

It was a moment incident but impressive for me.

This morning I mailed him from contact page of his website to tell and make sure that.
And it was cleared the guy was him by his fast reply!

What a coincidence!!
That is so interesting!

The world is small!? The world is wonderful!!



This was the best portrait of 2007 for me.


Happy New Year ! & Happy New Blog !!

As the new year starts, I've decided to start new blog here, however i have an another blog i keep posting for three years....

I just wanna write down frankly what i think about photography.
Besides I'm gonna post here in English for some training.
Because I'm concerned somehow my English is being in danger so that i've not translated for work recently.

Today i went to Nakamura's darkroom to print for the first time in 2008! !
When i arrived at the reception of school, Mr. Nakamura was there.
I greeted to him. “Akemashite- Omedetou- Gozaimasu! ”

In the end of last year, Mr. Nakamura throw away my working wear for darkroom in the mistaken belief that it was not used anymore because it's too dirty and left on the shelf near the sink.

OMG. . . !

Then today he asked me if i got new one and i said no.
Then he lent me something to wear in darkroom...

I was glad, but it had some problems.

It was a kind of apron (actually not!) made of blue plastic, looked like a blue plastic sheet people usually spread on the ground for Hanami or picnic etc., and it made noise every time i moved in the darkroom.
shaka- shaka

So, many people asked me what's happened and i explained the STORY to everyone.
Everyone was laughing out.

Anyway, in 1.5 hours I finished printing 1 contact print and 3 photos, were portraits i took in November, 2007.

Well, I'm gonna try more harder about portrait this year!!
And I think i have to set more specific goal of 2008 about photography...