Last Saturday I had a wedding ceremony and its party of my friend.
I used not only a digital compact camera also a film camera in the ceremony.

I felt somehow resistance from the knob of the camera when i tried to rewind the film.
Soon after that, I heard uncomfortable noise and felt suddenly the resistance was lightened...
Then I slightly opened, however I was sure the film would be exposed to light if i opened the lid of camera.


The film was not rewound at all, left and cut off from the patrone.

I closed the lid so quickly and couldn't open the lid any more after that.
Of course i couldn't shoot the party any more with the camera, coz I couldn't change the film...

That's why I was nervous when I started developing the film and another one last night.
However 6 shots of the film were gone, fortunately the rest of it was safe.

I was relieved a little...

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