feelin' dizzy with many photos all day

@Shinjuku Nikon Salon

There were participants that were slightly fewer than usual.
I'll have portfolio to show next time in May... maybe...

@ Nakamura Seminar

I brought some color digital fotos though i was not satisfied with the quality of them printed in yodobashi.
'cause i could not print b&w ones at all after injured...

Now it's time to start printing in darkroom again...!!!!!


nabe party

I got a surprise by friends during a nabe party.
I was so glad and cried.

Thanks a lot...

me photographed

by my friend


28 yrs old

In Japan, there is a custom of going to the shrines when a child is born, called “Omiya-mairi”.
Above photos are from old ones when i was born.

And I just turned 28 years old.

I am StiLl only 28 years old?
Or aLreAdy 28 years...?

Hopefully the former...!

I'm really greatful to my parents, brothers, and many friends support me now.
And i still love the old fotos with white borders around...! :)



Subtle Perseption

@Shinjuku Nikon Salon
Subtle Perception
At first I was going to hop some gallaries this day, however, my legs for going to others stoppped so that i got staffed with great portraits.

The portraits sereies had very orthodox style: the backdrop was plain wall and direct approach to the single subject standing in front of the camera.
I could enjoy peering into the subjects themselves without any distraction.
(They reminded me of the photographs in Asakusa by Hiroo Kikai.
I really like such a direct style.)