phone photo

I suddenly went back to my hometown for some reason or another.
I stayed just for 24 hrs and returned to Tokyo.


Mbira Live

i went to Nakano to enjoy listening mbira live of my friend.
i, we audience and players enjoyed the sound while it thundered and rained outside.
then i even felt as if both the music sound and crash of thunder resonated in harmony...though i'm usually afraid of thunder...


this morning

i couldn't sleep well...
i've been suffering from a cough for the past week...



from staircase landing of the apartment building i live



@second party after wataru's wedding reception


happy birthday

May 5th is my dad's birthday. this year he changed to 65.

i gave him photographs i took last year and printed recently as birthday present. he just kept looking into them for a while, then he fell asleep there... it seemed he liked them.

in the garden