three-day weekend

14:30~16:30: I was in darkroom and finished prining just 2 shots.
17:00~19:00: Class/ I showed 3 photos. The following 2 photos of them were OK according to my teacher.
19:30~: clasmates drinking

I bought a One Day Ticket of Tokyo Metro in Nakano sta. , then got on the Tozai line.
I got off @ Kagurazaka sta. and took a walk for a while.
There were many slopes as its region name.
I snapped people walking up.
Then, i got on the Tozai line again to transfer to the Ginza line bound for Asakusa in Nihonbashi sta.
Even now it was still in oshougatu- mode in Asakusa.
There were so many people for new year's visit to Sensoji Temple.
Night: meeting up with John
We went to a cafe and a indian restaurant Nepalese worked.
I ordered a cheese nan and chicken curry.

I met with Ritsuno and chatted @ cafe.

I bought clothes and a long necklace on sale.
I could hardly photograph . . .

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