First Miracle in 2008

There were so many miracles related to photography happened to me in 2007.

And now, first miracle has happened to me in this new year.
The prologue started in December, 2007.

One day, I was checking exhibition schedule to visit Konica Minolta Plaza to see Okada-san's exhibiton held there.
At the same time, i checked past and coming exhibitions and their photographers.
One of them, there was an American photographer.
I just happened to find his website and browse some photos.
I enjoyed the website, because there were many portraits.

I like both shooting and watching portraits.

That's why i wanted to say something to him and mailed him with only saying like “Your website is wonderful ”.

Then, next morning i found there was a portrait of my friend in his website!


I was so surprised.

According to her, she visited his exhibition, then was taken.
I felt the world of photography was connected well.

And that's not all...

Several weeks later from the day, yesterday, as I read his blog linked to his website and his your face, I got some strange feeling.
Because I felt he's a little bit familiar to me...

Once I shot someone, I usually remember his/her face.

Actually I had a clue.
So I checked my old contact sheet and found the SHOT of one spring day last night.

I was quite surprised.
I wondered if “the guy” was him.

I'm in Yushima at least twice a week.

It was Saturday in the middle of April, 2007.
When I was walking from Yushima with a camera, two foreign people were walking from the opposite direction (there is Ochanomizu sta.).
Then one of the guys tried to shoot me when we passed near Hijiri bridge, and I also shot the guy.

It was a moment incident but impressive for me.

This morning I mailed him from contact page of his website to tell and make sure that.
And it was cleared the guy was him by his fast reply!

What a coincidence!!
That is so interesting!

The world is small!? The world is wonderful!!

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