to keep

Yesterday I printed 2 contact sheets and 1 shot.

Disappointingly 2 portraits I tried to print to 8×10 were slightly out of focus or blurred.

Then I lost my concentration on printing and stopped to attend a Wednesday night class.

wooo... I must shoot more...

By the way, I got a catalogue of “New Cosmos of Photography 2007” by CANON from Mariko san.
I was glad because I had missed the exhibition in the end of 2007.

According to the criticism by professional photographers as Araki and Moriyama in the catalogue, the level of photography has been gradually risen, however, it's lack in overwhelming novelty.

Novelty always appears attractive.

I think we can say it in any field of Art.

We usually think of what is new about photography.

What can I do with photography?

What is that I could express only with photography?

Anyway, I think I'll keep shooting and searching for until when I'm vanished from this world.

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