Happy New Year ! & Happy New Blog !!

As the new year starts, I've decided to start new blog here, however i have an another blog i keep posting for three years....

I just wanna write down frankly what i think about photography.
Besides I'm gonna post here in English for some training.
Because I'm concerned somehow my English is being in danger so that i've not translated for work recently.

Today i went to Nakamura's darkroom to print for the first time in 2008! !
When i arrived at the reception of school, Mr. Nakamura was there.
I greeted to him. “Akemashite- Omedetou- Gozaimasu! ”

In the end of last year, Mr. Nakamura throw away my working wear for darkroom in the mistaken belief that it was not used anymore because it's too dirty and left on the shelf near the sink.

OMG. . . !

Then today he asked me if i got new one and i said no.
Then he lent me something to wear in darkroom...

I was glad, but it had some problems.

It was a kind of apron (actually not!) made of blue plastic, looked like a blue plastic sheet people usually spread on the ground for Hanami or picnic etc., and it made noise every time i moved in the darkroom.
shaka- shaka

So, many people asked me what's happened and i explained the STORY to everyone.
Everyone was laughing out.

Anyway, in 1.5 hours I finished printing 1 contact print and 3 photos, were portraits i took in November, 2007.

Well, I'm gonna try more harder about portrait this year!!
And I think i have to set more specific goal of 2008 about photography...

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