cloudy photographic saturday

June 28, 2008
*Dreaming Spirals (Yumemiru Rasen)
(At the very last minute again...! ) I went to Gallery Tosei to see the exhibition of Reiko Imoto, lives in Belgium, makes the world her stage.
She's there, so friendly, great and served cups of tea for guests by herself!!!
Thank her very much!!
I didn't have much time coz i had an appointment with a friend in Shinjuku.
I wanted to talk more though...
Anyway, it was nice show!
Her works has created an aura of something mystery and literally dream.

*Nikon Portfolio Review in Shinjuku
It was by Mariko Takeuchi again.
This time I just watched with a friend.
And of course I watched two exhibitions in gallery next to the viewing space.
I could enjoy both!

*Chat with Komi-chan in Nakamura before going to eat nun & curry with friends
I was asked what i want to express through portrait photos and how i want to advance the field etc...

*Break @ net & comic cafe with friends
read nice comics recommended and planned about summer fun