new people -photographic days past-

①May 15, 2008
Opening party
I was invited to an opening party by islay-san.
The photo gallery was so close from the station I used everyday for commuting, so I could head there soon after working.
The photos exhibited were digital ones (B&W), but so beautiful like film photos.
I saw a familiar face there, i had not seen face to face before though.
He used to be a teacher of the workshop I went. And now he has his own workshop in Yotsuya.
I enjoyed the conversation with him. He's so talkative and funny.
Then I got some advice and rethought about the importance of developping the film...

②May 25, 2008
“yOUR pARTy”
I attended a party of art×music @ VAL in Aoyama.
Firstly there were so many people crowded in the club and I couldn't move a bit from the entrance... so I hesitated to put the photos on the wall...
For the participants, the reception number cards were provided in the order of arrival.
After getting less crowded, I got reception number 45 (i was last person accepted among the participants) and exhibited my photos.
Then I went to a convenience store near the club with my friend to get something to eat.
When I was paying at the register, I was sudddenly spoken to from behind, "Nice camera!"

He's a foreign guy with cheki(instant camera) making line behind me.
Then I was asked to be photographed and I surely accepted to.
He's a nice person, photographer from U.S., and was also about to eat in the corner of the convenience store with his friend(famous Japanese DJ! Ko san) as we were.
So we were eating and talking there together for a while.
It was very very nice to meet them in such an interesting location.
In the end of the party, when I was putting off my photos, I was spoken from a guy.
"Oh! are they yours!? I like best yours here today."
Since I could see he was telling very seriously, it's a big pleasure than any words I got at the day. Later it turned out he was a writer.
(He interviewed with Daido Moriyama before.That's amazing!)

Meeting new people, especially in the field I like, is so fun and exciting!

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