I bought a used book "Asian generation" written by Kisei Kobayashi, a photographer, in a used bookstore more than a year ago, but I've not read for a while and just kept in my shelf.
There was no reason , i just forgot... :((
I suddenly remembered that last month and read through in a oner.
I'd never read his books until then, and never watched photographs, I knew he's a photograoher though...
In the book, he mainly wrote about his turning point when he left the newspaper company and went on a trip around Asia, and many people he met on his way.
I like such kind of story.
There're b&w photos of the trip in the book.

Now many young Japanese, especially college students tend to go to Asia as Thailand, India, China etc.
One of my friends, even on his thirty, kept traveling around the world as a backpacker for more than 2 years and came back last summer, and left again for Africa this spring...
He's almost haunted by Zimbabwe. (I never mean it badly.)
I think sometimes it's hard for people once left their home countries for a long time to come back and settle down again.
I'm haunted by San Francisco...