hot weekend like it's at the height of summer

*new item
I bought a new choco-colored cheki i was looking forward to having.
It looks yummy.
I love chocolate...
I think i have to quit REAL chocolate for a while, to lose my weight i gained too much, so... it's good for me to spend with the camera.
I'll be satisfied...!!

Yesterday, on a very hot sweaty day, I went to Little More to see the show of Kayo Ume, is of an age with me.
The show is of portraits of her grandpa, is now 92 years old.
Her grandpa was really cute...!
I got a warm feeling from the show...

My grandpa passed away when i was twelve, a long time ago...
But i remember the time i photographed him with an instant camera of FUJIFILM when i was 11.
He was sitting on the corridor and smiling nicely in a dark-blue jacket.
The photo has been put on the buddhist altar by my parents in their house.
I like the photo.

*earth garden
And I went to yoyogi park to see friends, Mami and Miyuki.
Last time i met Mami and her angel was more than a year ago, on her wedding last may.
They are both small and so pretty.
The angel said with satisfaction, "pretty...", when she looked the cheki photo of herself i photographed and gave her.
The two-year old girl was no longer a baby...

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