“not six” by Yurie Nagashima

Yesterday my friend, Mariko brought two photo books to show me.
They were by Yurie Nagashima, a photographer Mariko like.

I suddenly remembered that one of them was the book I happened to watch in tower record before.
Then I was surprised the way I felt about the book has been changed.

First time I watched i couldn't realized everything.
Because I was not photographing and I didn't know PHOTOGRAPHY itself at that time.

Now I can understand and enjoy the taste, truly, I think.

The photo book entitled “not six” was full of love come from deep inner emotion of her to “ him” as a man, sometimes a boy, a husband and a father of their child.

(“not six” is a coined word from “rokudenashi” in Japanede, and closely means “bastard” in English.)

Their relationship was reflected to the photography.
So, even for me don't know anything about him, i felt his loveliness and close through the photographs.

Besides, all the girls gathering in my place at that time said ,

“I'm really jealous of this relationship!!!”

Even a boy of my friends stayed there said so.

That's why the book is great without doubt.

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