strolling photographer

Last Saturday I went to Watarium Museum to see an exhibition of Katsumi Watanabe.
(To tell the truth, I've not known much about him until then. )

He took photos mainly in Shinjuku for dacades and was called “strolling photographer”.

How cool the nickname in Japanese is!! (nagashi- no- syashinya)

The name came from his style of hanging around Shinjuku and shooting gangsters with tatoo, gay boys, dancers and workers in show-biz and much more.
According to the biography, he usually photographed three portraits for a person and got money(200yen) for them.
In the photographs, people looked so proud of themselves and so energetic.
I smelled the Showa era. and felt jealous of the time.

The exhibition consists of three floors from the 2nd floor to the 4th floor.
On the third floor, there was a corner with many portraits fully exhibited all over the wall and floor.
I hesitated to step on the photographs at first, though they were covered with plastic sheet...
Because they are PHOTOGRAPHS...!

I didn't have much time to watch and read the caption on the 4th floor, the last floor, to leave for Ochanomizu to meet friends.
I'll go there again, for the museum has free entrance during the show if once visitors pay the admission.

Every time I go to any show, my head is really fulled with much stuff to think about photography.
Watching and feeling is very important and needed constantly.

Anyway, the show was awesome.

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