"Hanahaneni" by Kisei Kobayashi

Yesterday afternoon I got off in Nakano-Sakaue station, it's a forth stop from my sta. to Shinjuku.

I went to Tokyo Polytechnic University to see the show "Hanahaneni" by Kisei Kobayashi.

It's exciting a bit to visit a university campas after i became a worker in society.
The campas on Sunday was really quiet with no students.

The show consists of color and b&w photos, which of his family and landscape in his hometown, Nagano(maybe).
The photographer firstly got famous for his Asian photo on his trip.
But as written in his text, I felt some changes from his recent fotos, focusing on closest things in his life.
I think they're getting something gentle and soft.
It's also interesting to watch the transition/process of his/her works of a photographer.

Soon after i left the gallery, when i looked up from the stairs, a familiar face suddenly came into my sight.
Oh... she's a friend of john, mami.
It's second time to see her, but i noticed soon.
what a coincidence...
small world...!

I really really encounter an unexpected person in unexpected place.
Such a thing happens to me once a month...maybe...recently.
It's something mystery.
I think it's because i often move around many places...

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