I went to Urayasu for visiting the event "Shashin-Yokocho".
Urayasu is the town my elder brother lives.
So i mailed him to ask if we could have lunch on the evening before. (we rarely exchange mails though).
He usually works on Sunday.
But fortunately last Sunday was his off.
He, his wife were waiting for me in the station, then we took a walk for 10 minutes or more and we ate lunch in an Italian restaurant.
We enjoyed conversation catching up recent events.
Last time we met was maybe last September when we had a farewell lunch for my second bro. was going to leave for Canada...
After lunch brother and I went across the river being led by some music and found the place of mini concert.
I checked the map there for the first time to find the place of john's show.
"Oh it's very close."
So i brought my bro. to the place in unplanned schedule. (but my bro. left soon, he was too shy... )
John's was nice exhibition in a nice Japanese room.
(I miss Japanese tatami room and its smell recently...)
And soon after that, I went back to the Urayasu sta. for picking up my friend.
Then we had fun with fotos and nice Japanese traditional houses.
Japanese old construction is awesome.
However it was very hot day, I felt good breeze coming through from the window to another window inside the houses.
Night was also very enjoyable.
Thanks for john's introduction to Akiko.
Nice people and nice houses comforted me.
Urayasu made my day.

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