I went to Yokosuka for kind of foto session with the members of zorome-kai.
Actually i was late an hour than them because i forgot to transfer in Yokohama thinking something in trouble too much and cried a bit in the train and finally reached to Chigasaki, far from Yokosuka...
That was not funny at all...
Anyway...the town Yokosuka brought back some memories as well as my favorite town, my second home Yokohama.
I used to go to Yokosuka until two years ago, because a couple of my friends i loved lived there.
We used to have parties like BBQ near the beach in summer.
So... it was first time to visit yokosuka in this 2 yrs.

The day was "Navy Friendship Day" admitting general public to enter in.
In the base, firstly luggage was checked in the entrance and allowed to enter soon.
It was first time to enter u.s. base.
Honestly i was not interested so much in the place itself at first, but that was fun with the fellow in the event.
On the way i walked around alone, a guy spoke to me "nice camera".
The guy was very missing film cameras.
I know this kind of thing happens often to me with camera.
I just enjoyed the nice greeting and conversation for a while.

Btw, everybody, the older members (were mostly professional commercial photographers) used digital single-lens reflex cameras.
While i listened the talk they had, i felt out of place in some way and noticed again how much i love film cameras than digital ones.
I've borrowed an EOS temporarily from my friend for last starwars celebration and use sometimes until the day i return it to her, however, now i think i won't buy a digital single-lens reflex camera...
I had a great day with nice and kind members.

This was my conclusion of the day.

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